Fence with built-in children playground equipment.


What to do when you have just a little garden and still want to have a children playground?

Project / process
There are lots of small gardens in the Netherlands. Families with kids have hardly any space for large playground equipment in such a garden. I was wondering what I could do with the type of fences these gardens have. First issue was finding out which three playground items are most popular ánd space-consuming: they are the climbing rack, the tent and the trampoline. My challenge was to translate all these into space-saving design. During research and sketching I realised myself that ‘outdoor equipment’ urges for pure and simple design. I also discovered along the way that there’s more to gain: many parents ‘want their garden back’ when the children are finished playing. The result is that there’s also functionality in these solutions for parents.

Result / motivation
I found out that a lot of children playground toys are extremely colourful, huge in size and hard to store after play. You want them out of the way when people are visiting for example? Try that with what’s on the market today, good luck! My ‘Play Wall’ is a smart solution in this case. You fast and easily hide all you children playground items and get your garden back right away.

I designed 3 types of equipment: climbing rack, tent and the trampoline. Not only the kids like this but also parents are happy to buy, for example: the trampoline can easily transformed into a lounge-sofa. And the climbing rack transforms into a garden table. With the equipment put away back to the fence you almost don’t see that they’re playing elements. The trampoline can also act as a garden-‘painting’, choose your art and put it on the flip-side!

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